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A Proven System Built On Top Of Automation Software

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Today's market is saturated with organic outreach methods that require your entire day to produce new prospects.

The problem is you're left with little or no time to actually deliver the services you've sold. As soon as you get tired or run out of hours in a day your lead flow comes to a halt.
Proven System
Not to mention getting banned by Facebook or LinkedIn for excessive messaging.

Cold Email is the Go To channel for lead generation for 56% of businesses. Being effective is not just about having good software, it's about having a proven system.

That's why we've built our software around a proven system so you can fill your sales pipeline on just a few minutes a day.
Here's What You're Gonna Get
With The Limitless Email System:
Tired of waiting for customers to find you? Are you tired of the ebb & flow of the seasons?

Imagine an automated process that brings in exactly how many appointments you want, every single day..

You can focus on serving and selling your customers while still managing to have free time left in the day.

In order to do that, you need n automation platform that works for you day after day to contact thousands of potential prospects and a system for converting those prospects into calls and appointments.

We have built the Shadow Mailer Platform around our limitless cold emailing system, making it possible for you to create some much needed consistency. 
Consistent Calls & Appointments
  • Live Direct Inbound Calls With Intent
  • Newly Interested Prospects Messaging You Daily
  • ​A System For Booking Appointments
  • ​Hundreds Of Cold Email Templates
  • ​Hundreds Of Millions Of Leads To Contact
  • ​Multiple Email Servers To Send Unlimited Msgs
  • Email Warming That Guarantees Inbox Delivery
Grow Your Business Like These Customers
Down Dog Media, A Marketing And Advertising Agency Specializing In Media Buying
"It's very rare that you find an individual that is that skilled in coding and tech but also has a deep understanding of marketing and the psychology behind buying behavior"
- Matthys Potgieter, Owner
Boundless Media, A Cold Email Lead Generation and Data Company
"I can honestly say that out of all of the marketing gurus and cold email backend technicians that I know, he is one of the best people that I know"
- Nico De Bruyn, Owner
Mead Spearhead, A Google Adwords Partner specializing in Advanced Google Ads Campaigns.
"It's been nice to have some savvy, not only in the technical, but in the overall marketing strategy, put together our strategy so that we have a strong online presence."
- Robert Samayoa, Co-founder
Leading Edge Roofing & Siding, Providing Affordable Metal Roofs For Homeowners In Spokane and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
"He figures out everything you're doing and helps you totally create your message, so you stand out and you've won the job before you've even bid it."
- Colton Young, Owner
Commonly Asked Questions
Are There Any Hidden or Setup Fees?
No. We only charge a monthly fee associated with the plan you choose.
How Long Does It Take To Get Results?
You will see results coming in within 3 to 4 weeks and then consistently from there on. We first need to warm the email servers which takes 2 to 3 weeks from the time we complete the setup.
Is This Legal?
Yes. Every email we send is CAN-SPAM compliant. It's a myth that the law actually prevents you from sending email to certain types of people.
Will This Work For My Business?
My Business Is...
Lead Generation
Business Services
Re-Marketing & Re-Activation
B2B Lead Gen
We help business owners who are sick and tired of hopeful marketing tactics that blow the budget without results. We have the only email marketing platform in the world that's able to deliver consistent results month after month.
Create your most reliable stream of new business without the threat of getting canceled. Perfect for email marketing professionals.

Mailing Address: 9169 W State St. Suite 701
Garden City, Idaho, 83714
Telephone: 1(206) 552-8656
Here's Why...
What Platform Do You Generate Leads From?
Your website is the primary lead generation engine. You're given the tools you need to drive traffic from any platform of your choice. The traffic is captured and warmed with your website.

We use imported custom audiences using our massive consumer and business owner databases, lookalike audiences are generated from there. Using this strategy we drive leads from every platform we can find your audience, then focus on the campaigns with the best returns.